Friday, May 13, 2022

MLB: Yankees Aaron Judge Free Agency

Here's a player with a lot to prove, a late starter I think he signed late, they'll only be about nine years left on his mlb career, not signing with New York right now on a first place team heading into next year is a pretty big risk.

I mean yeah he's a number one hitter, but right now with the Yankees in first and only nine years left in the majors he's going to have to win this year in New York.

My prediction, a big add to a team like LA to clinch a few world series attempts in the next nine years, if the Yankees do well this year Judge will get a high price for his new team next year and if he fails he'll get nothing.

I think the better deal was staying in New York, but not everyone wants to play their whole career on one team.

So here we get the big "make or break" deal coming up for Aaron Judge, if he wins the World Series this year in New York he'll get a huge contract, if he fails he'll be sunk and get a smaller contract next year.

All the pressure is on just him to do that, not the Yankees franchise...if he plays well for his free agency release then the Yankees will do better.


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