Monday, May 16, 2022

RE: Worlds Oldest Woman Is 128

The "world's oldest women" , the one they tell you about anyway in public, is now 128.

That's right, old age is now 130!

See, life spans are doubling every one hundred years it's a fact on statistical my age today..."46"...I still have 80 years left according to the hospitals for life span.

Average life span was 84....on the stats tables for the death rate is says that the most dangerous time for people dying is about 25 - 35 or so and by the time you reach 84 half the people you knew from your youth were already dead by around 45.

After that, being 84 you could still live for another 50 years today.

Looks like in the future I might be 21 after all!

I mean, when I'm that age and still super hot they'll probably just start saying I'm 21 anyway.

Remember, the key to long life is cardio vascular un-clogging...(cardio workouts) and keeping your body flushed out with water and fluids to stay hydrated and keep your body not killing yourself.


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