Wednesday, May 11, 2022

MUSIC: Uses For Creative Commons Heavy Metal Release

Wow, things just got moving along here fast at an easy level.

A while back I headed back to living at Queens in the 1970's budget remote here in Halifax to restart my promotion for my book stuff, now there's all this cheap stuff going on. 

There's more of a social life down there anyway since people are doing different stuff because they don't have cable television.

So on creative commons Death Metal release you can have your album shared free across the internet to get your name out, then people might host your album on their page for extra web traffic.

They are all letting people just do whatever they want with the records and then if someone changes it that sounds better they just switch to that format then they let anyone press whatever they want on cd and lp and then just play for the name of the band.

They said they're just going to let anyone and scratch and dj all over the record whatever they want, and then when it takes off they'll just say their the original band and then copy the sound they made and keep going.


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