Tuesday, May 17, 2022

RE: Death Of Old Heavy Metal

This is what is going on here, old heavy metal is dead....bands like the original real Motorhead are all dead.

When you go to wikipedia and read heavy metal by the year and look at the death list it's almost every band in metal had people die in it, most of them multiple members.

Leaving the bands with only one original member, so forty years of Heavy Metal is dead.

You can see on wikipedia how that all ended, tons of vocalists and almost every lead guitar player in Metal including Eddie Van Halen are dead. 

So if you wanted to see how that all ended after forty years it's on wikipedia right now, barely any "big characters" are left in metal.

They all died from suicide, accidents, drug overdoses, shootings, covid and some are in jail like from metal bands from Florida and were even arrested in the Capitol Riot in Washington D.C. leaving the scene dead.

I left when I was like 31 to do my school stuff for my regular job, other bands kept playing and died with journalists, record label owners and producers.

Now it's all just one member left in that from bands from the old days, plus their stuff is going public domain.

Right now no one is playing old death metal, some labels in the underground are playing death metal like the original but it's not the same one like where I came from, that I left.

I mean it gets to a point when you play in a band, how long are you going to be out there anyway?

Unlike other metal people I'm not dying homeless in my leather jacket so I went and got a real job years ago like I said.

Now it's all slam metal and stuff the new underground death metal scene, and some are playing like the old one but it's new and separate because the old one is dead with the band members...so if you want to see the epitaph of old metal it's on the death list on wikipedia under heavy metal yearly news  updates.


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