Saturday, July 3, 2021

Check & Mate History Book

According to that video and this information when England was overthrown by Germany at the time their leader was Frederick The Great, two I think German leaders before Adolf Hitler.

Their ally France at the time where Napoleon Bonaparte was a child around seven, is when they over threw the Thirteen Colonies. 

In the 1776 Revolution George Washington's ally was the French, when Napoleon was a child.

His ruler at the time was Louis XVI , executed later by guillotine in the French the same time as they backed the United States in the American Revolution 1776.

George Washington won, then didn't wait for England to be returned and kept it for him self and the founding fathers.

England when restored, declared that the United States sided with Prussia and France after they won the war against England's occupation.

Then in 1812 the United States declared war against Canada and England in a second revolution.

This was just after Louis XVI was executed in the French Revolution.

Then the United States was defeated in 1812 by England and France lost under Napoleon Bonaparte who were backing the United States.

Then the United States was back in England and France was liberated after the French Revolution while America was defeated in their second revolution against England in 1812.

That is what I am saying about the text books, they are so large no one outside knows all that happened yet, they are still researching it from their History records from back then and it's not all compiled yet because the material is so large.



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