Saturday, July 3, 2021

You Can't Even Believe This Stuff Happening In The History Book Right Now

The new research I mean...with the new mainstream Historical Timeline Developing

Like this:

1812 - Second American Revolution, defeated By England with France and the Native Americans who were put on reservations after America's defeat - George Washington and Marie Antoinette.

Man, George Washington and Marie Antoinette together...I bet that was a scandal back in those days.

1865 - American Civil War - The South breaks off in a THIRD revolution trying to hold on to the remains of England - slave times.

- United States was backed by Germany and they said they had the FIRST MACHINE GUN - which was a four shot speed loader.

**This Machine Gun Is A Key Turning Event In The History Book**

The United States in the North wins the war without it - the machine gun and Germany.

1870's (?) - German revolution in Prussia - put in their own United States by force with the four shot machine gun from the American Civil War and they won in like six weeks - that's today's Germany.

1900 - There was huge war in 1900, the Boer War for example which captured on the first video camera's of the old British Soldiers still charging on horseback in 1900.

1918 - World War One 


This book is getting outta control man awesome.


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