Friday, July 9, 2021

RE: Heavy Metal Band Merch

This is an example of what I mean, Aborted got the action figure out....this is what people complain about when customers look for this stuff in the store...because bigger stores can't get it.

So what are you going to do then is what happens.

Only print 500 and sell on your own page...or go forward and run them off for a toy catalog on larger distribution like I am on.

It's hard to get on them toy companies man, like do you run the toy to hold your spot on the distributor list or not?

Then later by running the toy and not just printing 500 your future toys will be listed in the catalog that you make, then it looks bad getting that far and then pulling the toy.

If they printed 400,000 of one toy that's old Mattel.

So if you try and go back with another 500 it looks bad for your business because if you get in the catalog with it the second time no one knows if you'll continue or they just don't waste their time and move on to a new current product.

It's a good investment to hold your spot on the toy distributor if you plan to continue in toy manufacturing later, then like on the new Misery Index record I can run that in the Iron Reagan Metal 'Zine for the South Bronx because they are using the url for their band, just like both political terms from the South Bronx.

So I just throw Aborted on the toy pile and then Misery Index on the political page, then I run an ad for the Iron Reagan Metal 'Zine on and then bang, one bands selling toys and the other's playing with us down in the South Bronx for our local political page there. 

Like from the fires and stuff from the old gang days.

So they're using , that is the poverty index for South Bronx, then Iron Reagan got that nickname for being shot down there - Ronald Reagan I mean, from gangs in places like the South Bronx.

So we're using that for the Metal 'Zine name, Iron Reagan and then we're promoting Misery Index the band on the poverty index url for the neighbourhood there, then we bought from the show Sienfeld that used to be down there in the 1980's during all that.


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