Saturday, July 10, 2021

The Grocery Store's A Rip Off In Halifax

I just had to get up today and throw on some Saturday morning cartoons for my blog....then this thing happened to the grocery stores here in Halifax so I had to go look.

Don't pay those prices inside city limits!

This is how is works around here....

Grocery companies are servicing like 100,000 people out of one store and it's should be ten stores and they have limited accessibility here in the HRM. 

That's job sharing again...see, what was 3 to 1 at my job so I they sharing what, ten to one at the grocery stores and trying to do the work of ten stores for 100,000 people in each quarter of the city...that's not job creation that's job sharing!

That is work blocking and service industry blocking that is getting in the way of having big city store sales and new inventory items because there only limited operations for stores and staff.

Like we're not living on balony and corned beef with you people working downtown Halifax out here near Lake Mic Mac and Waverly because you won't fix benefits cheques and store pricing and now it's accessibility and limited selections.


No sale items the first week of summer vacation in Halifax with no store front locations and limited items and low food selections.

Canadian Prices:

Bacon - $7 , no way....I'll give you $1.99 for it.

Eggs - $4 ...nope, $1.88 .

Hamburger $12 ...never paying it...$6 is all your're getting.

Fish Cakes $8 way, $4.50 a box is my max. 

Like that, never pay those crazy prices when the items are always on sale at the lower rate on a regular basis.

Just eat something else cheaper until the regular price comes back.

Living here in the City as a local resident during a situation like this is the whole purpose for living in a city area - it's citizen's call to action.

How to stop the price increases:

Don't pay those high prices in the City retail locations and they will have no large city sales, by doing that they will be cut off from customers by local residents and then their prices will never pass into the County store areas.

If they get blocked in the City with no shoppers then they won't be able to sell out in the towns and counties and they will loose at that money.

This will force the Nova Scotia government here in Atlantic Canada for force prices to be lowered at minimum in OUR REGION ONLY, that and stabilize our local economy.

So after there is a price revolt in Halifax at the stores then they will have to lower county prices so people can stop them now.

Then the Provincial government will have to pass a law forcing lower local prices, and rent.

That would be in Atlantic Canada only which is on different government services because we have no "generalized work force" here like in Ontario which pays for all that stuff.

Those prices don't apply here because we have none of their services or jobs, chemical manufacturing plants and stuff, but they are charging us Ontario rates from a higher income bracket and it's all scams running downtown.

That's whats happening.


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