Saturday, July 10, 2021

Why Is Grocery Shoppping So Hard In Halifax?

With this lock down I mean, like you get a small town with 10,000 people in it and they have five super markets.

Halifax has that population on every city block....what do we get...two super markets in the whole city?

Then you every time you go shopping its a half hour drive.

Like down on Alderney Landing by the library and out on Pleasant Street,  they have no grocery stores.

You get the bus to Alderney Landing and then there's no grocery store and it's a 40 minute walk up the hill with no bus service.

So no wonder the stores don't have anything, then they expect us to believe there's no market crash or depression.

That's because they got everything in one store location, then the grocery stores don't want to operate on the bus routs and they only have limited locations.

Why are you grocery business saying that you're running them as Corporations on the stock market in Toronto and then you're only Ltd. Operations.

Like you only operate in select neighbourhoods in City areas with limited service.

Then the stores are empty because they have too many customers.

So why don't they have grocery stores in all the busy neighborhoods with a short drive on all the bus routs...because they have all the customers?

The answer....they are broke, the grocery companies are operating limited when they are saying Corporation and now none of our neighborhoods here in Halifax has full food service.

Like they are only using one building and one set of staff to sell the whole city food, enough for ten super markets.

Then they are vacant with no selection, I mean how many times do have to eat the same thing around here anyway.

Fuck man.

Open up some grocery stores in the rest of the neighborhoods in driving distance please on the bus routes with some new food selections or something, or what man, every body's getting cooped up with no shopping locations or selection around here.

God man, it's too hot for this.


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