Tuesday, May 10, 2022

CANADA: History Unfolding, But Don't Get Excited

If you read the previous post what you'll learn is at the end of the story that bad part happened because of the government outage in Canada.

That just shows that in 2006 when local Corporations and others from outside regions sued the Halifax Court to overturn a public vote that was it, this was also coming from Maine in the United States.

They overturned the vote to make Sunday Shopping legal against the citizens vote, so by the time I had issues in 2008 that was because of the outage.

It doesn't really affect county people who live out self sufficient at a cottage or something that is exactly the same, it's only downtown services that are out in city areas.

Then I won my case and can't get a settlement, that's the outage.

In Russia they are blaming over here as one of the factors in the war in Ukraine where they split it and now run it as South Ukraine from Moscow, Russia.

That is a fact, unstable factors here like in Halifax translate to all this bad behavior and criminal activity that spreads to places like Ukraine where they are near war areas and this fuels the instability, then there was the data breach after 2008 like when they shredded my files when they got caught in my case or something, that causes destabilization at Russia's border and could lead to conflicts in the area at the worlds largest country Russia.

Now Russia has started the process to restabalize the area around all this in some of the former countries it used to directly run.

Here in Canada, it's been sixteen years since the court outage with the vote overturning and their's dead services and scams everywhere in city areas.

Now this is happening, the companies making the technology products were the financial backers of the government that went down in the outage, now their products have gone obsolete and you can see they are finished at the store.

Many items have false prices and are being overcharged for now they kept the regular price and make all the items smaller....that's how you can tell they are finished.

Plus credit card rates on a $300 loan are 35% fees of interest plus taxes if you shop in Nova Scotia on a credit card.

You can see it on two items soda pop and new pc computers.

They are overcharging on the regular size items and then have introduced a "smaller size" at the old price.

Pop went up to $3 a 600 ml bottle, then the old price was 255 ml....pathetic.

The same on new Windows 11 PC's, don't get one yet.

The regular price $300 - $400 with "Windows 11 Upgrade Included" or may come with Windows 11 are currently made with all small screens on them and are pathetic.

The regular size of 15" laptop monitor went up to $700.

So they want like a $300 to $400 dollar price increase for the regular screen of 15 inches.

Then the old price they put out on super small screens on scam computers.

Make sure to buy a Windows 11 PC or get a new disc and ram upgrade for your old one because that will be a good operating system but the laptop hardware right now looks like a scam on small screens like the old Hot Wheels and Barbie PC scam computers they sold back in the late 1990's when Windows 2000 was coming out.


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