Tuesday, May 10, 2022

CANADA: History Update, Sampson Train Notes

Here is an update from my book research about the Sampson train, the first locomotive in Canada in my old neighborhood in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.


I have to keep updating this story to the legal terms in the court for the family relationships on the record plus a lot of people are reading this.

My grandmother's father in law was one of the train engineers, she was from the land grant families, and the tracks were beside the house in New Glasgow right at the train and the coal depot.

All their families used to work on the rail road and this picture is the first train then then these tracks were extended to the Old West, the other rail yard was in Pennsylvania.

Then my family worked on the rail road putting the tracks in.

Two things have come up, they used to tell stories of how they used to cut the ice on the tracks to keep the coal coming, recently I found of video of clip of that in the Thomas Edison Video Library, he had invented his own video camera in the 1880's and it could be all the same event.

The other thing is the actual town of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia is actually OLDER then people thought and their used to be an old town there before that in Old Nova Scotia.

The first town was run from Pictou, Nova Scotia and the coal in New Glasgow used to be shipped there.

What happened is the first town Pictou is the ship Hector landing which is the same event as the Mayflower landing in New England.

The town residents used to have to travel up the river from Pictou Harbor then up the river in New Glasgow to run that section of the old town and then they used to deliver coal to Pictou to heat houses.

Years later, New Glasgow became wealthy enough that they saved up enough money to become their own town and just run it independently in that spot separate from Pictou.

Then my family worked on the town Civil Engineering Department and helped run services like the Town Hall and the local Police Station, so that's why I found it odd when I was assaulted in the same town in 2008 that the police came down and gave me a fake order when my family years ago used to be their boss at the Town Hall and Police Station in New Glasgow.

Like from the railroad and civil engineering department where my family worked back years ago helping install the original town services, then they come down giving me fake letters after they passed away and that's how I won that big lawsuit that I didn't get paid for yet.


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